We Talisman Audio think that our on-line sales model is not exclusive of traditional sales made by dealers in their auditorium.

Auditoriums are necessary because they bring the following advantages to prospect customers:
- the prospect sees the product,
- the prospect listens to the product,
- the prospect tests combinations with other parts of the audio system,
- the prospect receives advices and support from a true professional,
- the product is available on the spot for those who want to buy immediately.

Talisman Audio wishes that a significant share of its sales throughout the world comes from the dealers network. This is why Talisman Audio offers a dynamic price list which varies along with the size of the order. Associated with an optimized transportation price, this price list gives the dealer the necessary margin to cover his costs. Otherwise, a special price list may be established and based for example on quarterly, semi annual or annual sales.

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