Discover the magic of headphone amps incredible sound thanks to a first class model that does not sacrifice quality though it remains essentially affordable.
Pure pleasure
Magic of headphone listening magnified by a full class A amplifier powered in dual mono : all ingredients are there to provide a total pleasure.


Double pleasure
The most sophisticated headphone amplifier is also a very high level preamplifier to associate unforgettable headphone listening with speakers listening, for example with our T-53A or T-55A outstanding amplifiers.
T-31H T-3H T-35HP
Power supply inside
Discrete components
Dual mono
Full class A
Preamp functions
Gain select
Unit price (tax excl.)
$ 449 $ 549 $ 649
General features

Our Talisman Audio headphone amplifiers are designed to really be high end products in all aspects:
- selected discrete components
- high value capacitors
- many regulations
- sophisticated electronic design
- rugged and attractive envelope

They easily beat the auxiliary headphone outputs of products not specifically designed for that purpose.

They are tuned to be associated with the best headphones of the market and then may be considered as the most fantastic access to the musical world.