Natural and realistic
25 watts of cleaners, dynamism, of loudspeakers mastering, it's more than enough to fill a medium sized room with good music.

More power
The same surprising qualities as its team-mate T-53A but more ease and sat in larger rooms.
T-53A T-55A
Power supply inside
Discrete components
Output power / 8 ohms 25 W 40 W
Output power / 4 ohms 40 W 60 W
Voltage gain 24 dB 24 dB
Unit price (tax excl.)
$ 450 $ 550
General features

The Talisman Audio power amplifiers are designed in the same spirit as the well known
T-3H headphones amps family :
- selected discrete components
- sophisticated schemas with positive/negative symmetry
- reserve of power
- large band-width
- rugged and attractive envelope

They will perfectly master your favourite loudspeakers.

Moreover the similarity of design between these products multiplies the possible combinations you may think of in multi-amplification.