Natural and realistic
25 watts of cleaners, dynamism, of loudspeakers mastering, it's more than enough to fill a medium sized room with good music.
Output power / 8 ohms 25 W
Output power / 4 ohms 40 W
Voltage gain 24 dB
Frequency response 10 Hz - 160 kHz at -3 dB
Output impedance < 0.05 ohm
Harmonic distortion < 0.05% at 25 W
Signal / noise ratio > 90 dB unweighted
Connections Cinch & 4mm sockets
Dimensions 136 x 208 x 68 mm
Net weight 1 500 g
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General features

The T-53A indeed hides its play very well. In its elegant sized case, it contains treasures of naturalness, dynamism and stability, all devoted to good music..
It is not pure luck, but the consequence of a well thought electrical design, selected components and strong manufacturing process :
- the whole structure works in  class A, except for the power output transistors
- the built-in stability over complex load allows the suppression of otherwise necessary compensation circuits
- the specifically designed power transformer is largely oversized
- the resistors are in metal film technologies with 1% precision
- the capacitors for power reserve have low ESR
- the double sided printed circuit board , with plated thru holes allows large ground plane
- the case is elegant and rugged, made of thick aluminum board.