T-35HP + T-53A + T-53A

That is a rather fine solution to start on the right foot a passion for the great sound. Does not matter your favourite music style, with this system you will invest in a solid basis for a long time.

System price : $ 1349 (tax excl.)
T-35HP + T-55A + T-55A

This splendid system must be linked to two sources of high quality and to the best of loudspeakers. Do not hesitate to add two other blocks to fully enjoy the power of bi-amplification.

System price : $ 1499 (tax excl.)
Save 13% and 14%

A system is made of one headphone amp and two mono amplifiers.

Buying the three products in a bundle, you save more than 10% on the price list and more on transportation.
Moreover you buy a truly balanced and musical system. Indeed the power blocks have been designed to optimize and get the best from the headphone amp, playing as preamplifier.

You will be really surprised by the sound quality as well as the classy design of these systems.