Trial period

On receipt of your product you may test it carefully during 21 days. We are sure that it will charm you immediately.
If you were not fully satisfied, you may send it back in the following conditions:
- the product must not be damaged,
- the product must be packed in its original wrapping,
- the return trip is made using Fedex,
- you must contact us beforehand to organize the trip.

As soon as we receive your parcel, we shall check it and credit your PayPal account with the product price you initially paid (including VAT in the European Union and transportation), but exclusive of return transportation costs which remain yours.
Outside the EU, the customs fees that you may have paid on receipt of the product should be taken care of with Fedex.

Note : This procedure does not apply if you buy the product at a dealer's shop.
Talisman Audio amplifiers are guaranteed against all defects (components or assembly) if they are used properly.
This guarantee covers either parts and manpower.
If the product fails, it will be repaired for free during a 2 years period starting on the purchase date.

Warranty application

The warranty can be used as follows :
- if you purchase the product at a dealer's shop, you must claim directly at the dealer. He will try to solve the trouble himself or contact Talisman Audio as relevant.
- in case of an on-line purchase, the claim for warranty must be made by email send to Talisman Audio

The return procedure will then defined to you.

Conditions of warranty application

Talisman Audio guaranties the product only if::
- it has been regularly bought, at Talisman Audio site or renown dealer's shop,
- the defect occurs within the 2 years period,
- the defect is not caused by a misuse of the product,
- the product was not opened by unauthorized personnel.
The warranty does not cover accidental damage, misuse or neglect.

This warranty will never open rights to damages.

Our partners at your service.


Data to be transmitted:

- Name
- Complete postal address
- email address
- product reference
- serial number
- date and location (if pertinent) of purchase